The All-in-One Solution

Streamline your entire customer journey.

Impact Sales, Service, Workflow, Marketing & more.

  1Stream CX is an all-in-one solution that manages all customer communication whilst streamlining your operations with workflow automation. 1Stream CX caters for all your Sales, Service, Marketing and Telephony needs in one place.  


This all-in-one application manages all communications delivering a consistently positive customer experience. This solution can be implemented throughout your organisation including Sales, Service, Workflow, Marketing and more, enhancing interdepartmental collaboration. 


1Stream CX automatically generates tickets, tasks or leads while streamlining your operations with workflow automation. These tools ensure timely, consistent and personalised responses to customer inquiries. This enhances customer satisfaction and also improves operational efficiency.   


1Stream CX improves productivity whilst reducing the cost of service in your business. This is achieved through an array of automation, chatbots, dynamic scripting and voice analysis. These solutions provide ease of use and choice for your customers. Another benefit is that AI frees up your team to focus on more complex issues. 

Providing Expertise Across Industries
Our team is driven by a passion for CX technology and the role it plays in business .
We've partnered with some of SA's leading corporates across diverse industries including financial services, retail and education.
1Stream CX can be implemented throughout your entire organisation and will positively impact Sales,  Service,  Workflow and Marketing. 


Launch automated sales campaigns across voice, email, SMS and WhatsApp with our omni-channel solution to improve contact rates. High-priority leads are immediately directed to the right team member by the automated dialler, so you capture every sales opportunity. Our solutions give your team the right tools to automate the sales process. Build lasting customer relationships and grow revenue

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Get a 360-degree view of your customer and your relationship history. This information is available on all contacts (including voice, email, SMS, web chat, WhatsApp and social media). Track and prioritise cases and workload witht he Helpdesk ticketing solution. Deliver exceptional service the first time around, converting your customers into advocates who help grow your business. 

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Elevate your team's efficiency with our smart workflow automation and enhance interdepartmental co-operation. This enables seamless coordination across departments and keeps your business running smoothly. Teams can efficiently hand off tasks to other departments, streamlining the process resulting in high levels of service. Speed up the process and improve workflow. 

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Create successful campaigns that target your prospects with the right message, in the right channel and at the right time. Use data-driven insights gained through customer interactions to design campaigns that are relevant, personalised and successful. 

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