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A Streamlined Customer Service Experience

1Stream CX offers a complete customer experience solution designed specifically for retailers.
This all-in-one application manages all customer communications, allowing you to automatically generate tickets,
tasks or leads while streamlining your operations with workflow automation. 

A complete Omni-channel Solution

Imagine a world where customer service reps can answer questions on WhatsApp, respond to emails, and handle live chat conversations - all from a single interface. 1Stream CX makes this possible, ensuring a consistent experience for customers regardless of their preferred channel (social media, email, phone, etc.). 

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AI-enabled CRM 

Drive productivity and reduce the cost of service in your business with an array of automation, chatbots, dynamic scripting and voice analysis. These solutions provide ease of use and choice for your customers. 

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Personalised Service 

1Stream CX can integrate with other business systems, allowing staff to see a customer's purchase history and preferences. This empowers them to personalise interactions and offer targeted recommendations, enhancing the shopping experience. 

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Data-Driven Decisions 

The platform can track and analyse customer interactions across channels. Retailers can leverage these insights to identify common customer pain points, improve product offerings, and personalise marketing campaigns.   

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Improved Inventory Management 

By integrating with inventory systems, 1Stream CX can provide real-time stock availability. This allows customer service reps to answer product enquiries accurately and offer alternative options if something is out of stock.  

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Faster Resolutions 

With all customer interactions consolidated, staff can access past conversations and relevant information quickly. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat themselves, leading to faster resolutions and improved satisfaction.   

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Our features


Manage and solve your customer queries by tracking and prioritising cases and workload with the Helpdesk ticketing solution. Ensure customer queries are serviced by the right person in the shortest possible time. 


Convert more leads, close more deals and gain deeper insights into your prospects with our all-in-one CRM.


Improve your operational efficiency with our CRM with built-in telephony and automated dialling capabilities. 

Omni-channel Solution

Communicate with your customers on their preferred medium with our omni-channel solution - linking voice, email, SMS, web chat, WhatsApp and social media whilst recording every interaction. 

Workflow & Automation

Route, record and report on every customer interaction. Track your customer's journey through the sales funnel prompting your team on the next steps to secure a transaction. Create alerts for your team based on the customer status.


Give your customers an easy and effective way to interact with your organisation. Our array of automation, chatbots, dynamic scripting and voice analysis drive productivity and reduce the cost of service in your business


Manage your projects and campaigns with easy-to-complete timesheets, quoting software and invoicing programs. 


Numerous safeguards have been implemented to protect customer data. We take security and privacy seriously and are committed to GDPR and POPIA compliance. 

Reports & Dashboards

Rich and robust customer data reports will transform your business. Easy-to-use and sharable dashboards enable all stakeholders in your team to spot issues and make real-time decisions.  

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