A look at the customer service trends that matter
360° view of the customer

Customer Service Stacks that are Future-Proof

  • To offer a 360° view of the customer, multiple digital channels should be integrated into one platform.  A unified communications system enables collaboration across your organisation with subject matter experts and flexible options for customers to connect with you.

  • Customers should be able to switch seamlessly between channels with single interactions, blurring the boundaries between channels.  Channels don't matter to customers, they just see one brand.

  • Having a cloud-based system is important, enabling staff to work from anywhere.

  • The ability to communicate with colleagues from one platform is essential.

  • You need open, modular capabilities and consumable APIs for a consistent and scalable platform for your business.

Drive customer experience by activating unstructured data

  • All CX applications must be integrated and data should be available and usable across the entire organisation, this liberates data from company silos and helps to unlock new value streams.

  • Use data to drive differentiated experiences for both customers and employees.

  • Activate employee data to help transform the employee experience.  All conversations should be in one environment so that they can be analysed.

  • By combining employee interaction data with customer data, you can remove the tiers of support and enable intelligent swarming, for example connecting complex service tickets to the right resources based on skills and availability.

  • Integrated bots and AI are important and customers expect a level of self-service.

Humanisation Is A Priority

  • Transitioning away from user-owned efficiency metrics and encouraging users to focus on customer satisfaction and resolution is key.

  • User engagement and staff turnover can be improved through the use of gamification tools, for example, highlighting top performers each week to motivate users and simultaneously disseminate best practices.

  • The development of careers and skills through an integrated E-learning platform.


An Integrated CRM System Has Many Benefits
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important components of any business. If you're considering an integrated system, it is important to understand how you will benefit from it before you get started