5 Tips to Improve Your Contact Rate

5 Tips to Improve Your Contact Rate
One of the most critical metrics in call centre management is the contact rate.  It's true that managers track hundreds of KPIs daily, but an organisation's contact rates offer unique insights into outbound sales campaigns.

With smartphones and ever-changing privacy regulations, it has become more difficult than ever to improve contact rates in call centres.  However, 1Stream's latest technology and contact methods can help and will provide organisations with valuable insight into their campaigns.

Here are five tips for improving your contact rates.

1. Use a Multi-Channel Approach

Using multiple channels increases contact rates because you can initiate contact via a digital channel, for example, using WhatsApp or sending an SMS or email before the agent calls.  

It is also possible to switch to another communication channel automatically after a certain number of unsuccessful attempts. Automate the entire campaign to maximise performance.

2. Enhance lists with AI Machine Learning

Enhanced contact information can be obtained using AI machine learning techniques and historical dialler data to determine the best time of day to contact the lead and the best channel to contact them on.

3. Randomise your calling number

Keep your outbound calls effective by automatically randomising the CLIs you use for calls.  This assists in preventing your calling number from being marked as spam and improves overall contact rates.

4. Use Enhanced Caller ID

Research suggests that people are more likely to answer calls when the number displays on their caller ID. (Eighty-seven percent of people reject or ignore calls from unknown numbers.) Enhanced Caller ID can help you in this situation. When your business name appears on a customer’s display, they might be more willing to answer the call, even if they have never used your products or services in the past.

5. Choose the Right Dialler

Ineffective technologies, outdated sales techniques, inaccurate call lists, contactability and poorly configured diallers are some of the greatest threats to contact rates.

Invest in automated  diallers that optimise outbound operations. A predictive dialler is a great tool for managing contact rates, whether it's for identifying non-voicemail calls or for providing agents with information about prospects before they call. 

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